Why Use a Career Coach?

Your career is a serious game of hardball.
Who’s your coach?

Why use a career coach?

In four words …

Direction – Goal setting and career planning

Focus – Staying with the plan

Perspective – Applied knowledge of the workplace

Objectivity – No agendas other than results

What a career coach will do for you:

  • Work with you as an objective third party
  • Help you with self-discovery
  • Guide you in creating a short-term and long-term career plan
  • Help you to develop smart strategies
  • Be an invaluable source of information
  • Review your career history
  • Assess your career skills
  • Jointly develop a plan to maximize your strengths
  • Identify and minimize your career skills/deficits
  • Offer fair and constructive feedback
  • Position you to meet your goals and objectives, including life balance issues
  • Be a second set of eyes
  • Balance
  • Offer new ideas
  • Balance
  • LISTEN!!!

You’re in the game. Play to win!