What’s Happening

Eli Amdur to speak at Passaic County Community College

Passaic County Community College will host Eli Amdur on Thursdy, April 27 at 2:00 PM, when he will address a diverse audience of students, faculty, and administration members.

Eli’s topic, Jobs of the Future Today, is particularly critical because, he predicts, 25 percent or more of the jobs in America in 2025 do not even exist today. By 2050, that’s likely to be 50 percent – or even more.

“The 21st century has lived up to – and exceeded – all expectation for disruptive change in our workplace, our society, and our lives,” Eli explains. “We can no longer expect the answers to any of our questions to be easy. In fact, we’ll have our hands full just trying to ask the right questions.”

Case in point: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects “wind turbine service technician” to be the fastest growing job in America (by percentage growth) between now and 2024. That job wasn’t even on the list of 30 fastest growing jobs just two years ago.

Using his perspective as a career coach, job market observer, adjunct professor of two graduate leadership courses at FDU, and self-styled futurist, Eli’s goal for this presentation is to “shed some light, shake things up, and make everyone think.”

Says Eli, “I don’t think my job is to lead the horse to water. I think it’s to make the horse thirsty.”

Eli’s presentation will be videoed, edited, and incorporated into future career development segments at Passaic County Community College.