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Eli Amdur speaks at Passaic County Community College

“Jobs of the Future Today” is the topic

PATERSON, NJ, April 27 – An audience of students, faculty, staff, and community members packed the main theater at Passaic County Community College’s main campus, as Career Coach Eli Amdur delivered a compelling and inspirational presentation entitled Jobs of the Future Today. 

With a strong secondary theme – “Twenty-one Critical Traits for the 21st Century” – Eli discussed not only what’s coming, but also how we have to shape ourselves in order to be ready for it.

“This is particularly critical,” says Eli, “because 25 percent or more of the jobs in America in 2025 do not even exist today. By 2050, that’s likely to be 50 percent – or even more.”

“The 21st century has lived up to – and exceeded – all expectations for disruptive change in our workplace, our society, and our lives,” Eli explains. “We can no longer expect the answers to any of our questions to be easy. In fact, we’ll have our hands full just trying to ask the right questions.”

Case in point: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects “wind turbine service technician” to be the fastest growing job in America (by percentage growth) between now and 2024. That job wasn’t even on the list of 30 fastest growing jobs just two years ago.

Using his perspective as a career coach, job market observer, adjunct professor of two graduate leadership courses at FDU, and self-styled futurist, Eli’s stated goal was to shed some light, shake things up, and make everyone think. “I don’t think my job is to lead the horse to water. I think it’s to make the horse thirsty.”

A brisk Q&A followed the presentation.


Eli Amdur moderates panel discussion on Gender Equality

TEANECK, NJ – Wednesday, November 30, 2016 – At the Metro Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Eli Amdur moderated a panel discussion called“Gender Equality: Stories Across Borders.” Among the specific topics of discussion were: women in the workplace, the status of women in a patriarchal society, and women’s roles in a country of economic development.

The panelists who were in the auditorium were from six different countries, the keynote speaker was American, and six others came in via video from six other countries around the world. Countries that were represented were: Italy, Malaysia, Nepal, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, India, France, Oman, Canada, Russia, Lebanon, and Vietnam.

All the participants are members of a unique, new worldwide organization – Global Young Voices – a social media-driven international news web site which they themselves founded, and which they are actively growing. GYV has 45 active members (and counting) around the globe – on every continent – who are all contributing essayists on a broad range of matters that include politics and conflict, business and technology, careers and lifestyle, culture and arts, health and sport, and more.

They are all either in undergraduate or graduate school or have recently graduated (except for the Canadian who is … 16 years old). Almost all of them are FDU students, grads, or have been exchange students at the University. In fact, GYV is sponsored by FDU’s Office of Global Education.

Panelists gave well-researched and well-prepared presentations based on demographic statistics as well as anecdotes. Each presentation was followed by brisk panel discussion and engaging audience interaction.

“This is not just a growing group of outstanding global citizens,” said Amdur as he praised Global Young Voices in his closing remarks. “It is a VOICE – a clear, singular voice – a voice of many speaking as one – a trumpet sounding its clarion call – hands clasped together encircling the globe.”

Please visit: www.globalyoungvoices.com


Eli Amdur delivers keynote speech at Berkeley College on October 15.

Eli Amdur – long-time career coach, executive coach, journalist, and adjunct professor – delivered a keynote address to an alumni gathering at Berkeley College’s Manhattan campus on October 15.

The subject of Eli’a talk, which he says, “becomes more important to each of us every day,” was Twenty-one Critical Traits for the 21st Century. Springing from discussions with the global HR team of a major international corporation headquartered in Europe – and a subsequent presentation made to the entire HR team – this has become one of Eli’s hallmark presentations.

“Fundamentally, there has always been change and we all, sooner or later, accept it,” observes Eli. “But the scope, rate, and impact of change in this century demands us to understand a wise adage that eli attributes to his long-time colleague Tim Powell: ‘If you don’t change, you have changed.'” And in order to successfully navigate the 21st century, we must develop as many of these 21 critical traits. Not skills: traits.


Eli Amdur speaks at Bergen County Career Fair on October 7.

Eli Amdur presented his latest workshop – “Moving Forward in a Strong Job Market” – at this year’s Bergen County Career Fair at Bergen Community College on Friday, October 7 at 9:15 AM.

A regular key presenter at many Bergen County career fairs over the years, Career Coach Eli Amdur’s themes have always reflected the times, through growing and declining job markets.

“For the last six years,” Eli says, “our job market has been in a strong, steady growth pattern, and all indications are this is not changing.”

This workshop presented an overview of the job market, a projection of where it’s going (hint: up), and specific strategies and tactics for success.