Leadership Retreats

“The best place to think about your business
is away from your business.”

Such as in a novel setting (read: out of your four walls), and in a setting with no distractions (read: phone, voice mails, and emails) where…

…the world starts to look different.

That‘s when opportunities, problems, ideas, and solutions start to look different, too.

Our leadership retreats combine these key elements:

  • A novel setting for a fresh, new perspective.
  • A customized program based on a proven model.
  • An unorthodox but high-impact use of non-business leadership lessons for business leaders.
  • A high level of engagement through experiential learning…

…in other words – a hands-on, learn-by-doing approach.

  • Stimulating mind-stretching exercises and experiences.
  • Creation of self-directed, synergistic teams that will carry the experience back into the workplace in new ways.

Now…back to business.

Our objective is that you return to work with these new ideas and new perspectives which you’ve discovered using new methods, and which you can implement in new ways.