Leadership and Executive Coaching

Look at your org chart. What one word is missing? It’s a word that, if it were there, would completely change your organization.

That word is COACH.

We’re all very busy leading and managing, running things and reporting, evaluating and assessing, and all kinds of other things.Every good leader has been coached. Harold Geneen, CEO and Chairman of ITT (when it was the world’s largest conglomerate) said, “Leadership cannot be taught; it can only be learned.” He was right, but it can also be coached – and good leaders know it.

    Ongoing coaching helps executives at all levels strengthen existing skills while developing new ones, become aware of their impact on others, and assume larger, more directive roles in their organizations.

The visionary leader recognizes the need to grow, the need to move forward. Getting there, however, is easier said than done, even for the most skilled, experienced executive. That’s where coaching comes in.

As your coach, we will help you and your executives:

  • Fulfill their leadership potential while minimizing their weaknesses.
  • Strengthen existing skills while developing new ones.
  • Become aware of a broad range of leadership issues.
  • Assume larger, more directive roles in their organizations.
  • Reduce stress and emphasize constructive thinking and behavior.
  • Create work-life balance that has a positive impact on both.

What is coaching, actually?

Coaching is an opportunity-based function (as opposed to counseling, which is deficit-based), and focuses on improvement – present to future – rather than correction of a past dysfunction. Coaching is an empowering activity (whereas counseling is remedial), is more holistic than it is interventional, and is designed to expand possibilities rather than limit probabilities.


The coach and the coached are co-creators of an outcome. While the process is the responsibility of the coach, the outcome is the triumph of the coached.

Good coaches are quite satisfied to be on the sidelines.

When we coach, we…

…observe carefully, both the person being coached and those around that person.

…customize coaching to each executive.

…align the objectives of the executive with the organizational culture.

…strive to guide executives in their quest to realize their “wonderful possibilities” and reach their “inscrutable depths.”
No two coaching assignments are alike: no formulae, no templates. There’s just progress.