Effective Communication

Communication: the most important skill of all

Surveys of employers and business schools around the US suggest that the greatest general weakness in executives as well as recent grads is evidenced by widespread deficiencies in writing, speaking, listening, and other communication skills.

Studies of high-level executives, especially CEOs, indicate they spend the majority of their time on communication issues of one form or another.

It is also universally accepted that communication is the single most important and powerful leadership tool of all, and that there is a pressing need for improvement.  

Hands-on approach to improvement

Amdur Coaching and Advisory Group, LLC offers intensive, customized programs to address the specific communications needs in your organization. Our team of MBA-level Professors, and other communication experts, focuses on all of the major communication functions:
                    Writing skills
                    Speaking skills
                    Public speaking
                    Using presentation tools
                    Listening skills
                    Cross cultural communication
                    Group communication and dynamics
                    Effective meetings
                    Electronic communication
                    Nonverbal communication

Citizens of the World

Every day, the need to communicate with different people becomes more and more pressing. We have taught communication skills to students and corporate employees from nearly 80 countries around the world. Despite vast differences in languages, customs, and behaviors, basic communication overcomes those barriers.

We focus on identifying, learning, and strengthening the basics of effective communication.

We customize the format of your programs as well, delivering them in:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Full-day workshops
  • Half-day workshops
  • Ongoing courses

Communication is a leadership tool.

The overarching goal is to improve communication skills as a leadership tool. We do so by providing you with a foundation in communication theory, an interactive environment in which to evaluate and improve executive communication skills, and an understanding of the strong correlation between communication and the success of top-level executives in the organization.