Custom, Personal Executive Outplacement

FACT: There will always be layoffs, downsizing, and restructuring – in good times or bad.

They’re not pleasant, they’re not easy, they’re not convenient, and they’re not always right, either. But they’re there. And there is some good you can do, like selecting the right kind of outplacement.

Because, unfortunately, all too often, outplacement falls short.

What’s wrong?

In a recent survey we conducted of executives who went through outplacement, the five most common complaints were:

  • Lack of high-level coaching
  • Impersonal “cookie-cutter” approach
  • Dissatisfaction with resumes and LinkedIn profiles
  • Lack of guidance in putting together a proactive job search strategy.
  • No new ideas

The fix

Amdur Coaching offers a laser-focused alternative to large-scale (often impersonal) outplacement services, and we do it on a limited basis for select executives for whom the very highest-level, senior career coaching is called for. We:

  • Build “A+” resumes that tell the candidate’s story in “3-C” fashion – that’s Clear, Concise, and Compelling.
  • Prepare for interview success by focusing on interview strategies, not skills (everyone really has those already).
  • Customize each search to each person.
  • Encourage a unique approach to understanding and navigating the job market.
  • Do not process large flocks of candidates. We do, though, limit this service to the select few of your executives who need the highest-level career coaching.

We believe that a 100 percent success rate is something to aim for.

So we do.

Hopefully you’re not facing layoff decisions right now. That makes this the right time to talk to us about it. Call Eli Amdur at 201-357-5844.