Creativity and Creative Leadership

“Creativity is the only sustainable asset that any individual, executive, organization, or nation will ever again have.” – Eli Amdur

Creative Leadership

Leaders of the 21st century can no longer deal just with change; they must be able to create, discover, and invent new ways of thinking, new ways of dealing with greater changes yet to come, and new ways of building organizations.

Leading creatively. Leading creativity.

The most critical leadership challenge – to develop and sustain creativity throughout the organization – is the most elusive.

  • What is creativity?
  • What does it look like? What is its anatomy?
  • Where does it come from?
  • What are the traits and characteristics that foster creativity – on personal, organizational, and global levels?
  • What are the barriers (inhibitors) of creativity – also on all three levels?
  • What steps must the organization take to create – and sustain – a creative environment?

A creative look at creativity.

Unexpected influences from virtually every field – combined with research, writings and teachings of many of the great 20th century minds in the field of creativity, and over 30 years of practitioner experience – form the basis of:

  • Lectures and overviews.
  • Case studies and pertinent examples.
  • Group workshops and unusual exercises.
  • Breakout sessions.
  • Creative problem-solving challenges.
  • Customized segments dealing with live issues in your organization.

The goal is not to have creative moments or flashes. It’s to have a creative organization.