Corporate Advisory

We work closely with our corporate clients to build a continuously improving, holistically changing, and excitingly creative culture which adds value to the organization.

And here is how we do it …

Creativity and Creative Leadership

Creativity is the only sustainable asset that any individual, executive, organization, or nation will ever again have. All other historically traditional assets (capital, land, natural resources, shipping lanes, manufacturing, etc,) are vulnerable, exhaustible, or diminishing. There is no exception.

Only creativity is sustainable.

Engaging in the global war for creative talent is futile (as are all wars). Developing the innate creativity of your employees and your organization, conversely, is where you win.

Eli Amdur brings 19 years of research, consulting, and teaching in the field of creativity, and has helped countless organizations and individuals to maximize it.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Every good leader has been coached. Harold Geneen, CEO and Chairman of ITT (when it was the world’s largest conglomerate) said, “Leadership cannot be taught; it can only be learned.” He was right, but it can also be coached – and good leaders know it.

    Ongoing coaching helps executives at all levels strengthen existing skills while developing new ones, become aware of their impact on others, and assume larger, more directive roles in their organizations.

Leadership Retreats

    “The best place to think about your business is away from your business.” We design customized off-site events (one day or more) based on our unique proven model of engagement, inclusion, and leadership development.

Customized Executive Outplacement

There will always be layoffs, downsizing, and restructuring – good times or bad. We offer a laser-focused alternative to large-scale (often impersonal) outplacement services, and we do it on a limited basis for select executives for whom the very highest-level, senior career coaching is called for.

Management Workshop Series

    In a constructive corporate culture, today’s managers should be tomorrow’s leaders.

But only if you commit to it now. Start with this seven-part series, perfect for front-line and

rookie managers, supervisors, and “up-and-comers” to introduce them to management

concepts and practices.

Effective Communication

    The most valued and sought after skill in the marketplace is the ability to communicate well. And it always will be. Everything else you do depends on how well your team masters the six communication skills.

We offer group workshops and individual coaching, led by Eli Amdur, Adjunct Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, who has taught Executive Communication as a Leadership Tool since 2003.

Our Clients

We have served corporate clients in 25 major industry sectors. Please click n the “Our Clients” tab for more details.