Our Mission

Abraham Maslow said we humans have “wonderful possibilities, inscrutable depths.”
We will help as many people as possible to fulfill those possibilities and reach those depths.

Our Values and Beliefs

We embrace Abraham Maslow’s most fundamental declaration, that the human being has “wonderful possibilities, inscrutable depths.”

We believe in – and value – the power of creativity. We believe everyone has it, and we channel our energy into finding it and nurturing it.

We are committed to finding new ways of doing what we do for you, and are very comfortable being unorthodox.

We love change.

We value synergy.

We look to great leaders from every walk of life, business and non-business alike, and we seek lessons from them for our – and your – business or career.

We believe that the most ethical business practice of all is to make the value of our services greater than the cost paid for them.

We believe that teaching and learning are the same shared activity, and that an active engagement in the process is its own reward.

We believe in doing for others who cannot do for themselves, and that a certain part of our lives must consist of giving, not earning. We are lucky that we can, and because we can, we should.

We believe in the viability of a multicultural world, we see ourselves as an integral part of it, and we anticipate incalculable excitement coming from our commitment to being true citizens of the world.

And finally…we believe that this is – among other things – a lot of fun. That’s why we do it.

“Wonderful Possibilities, Inscrutable Depths”

Abraham Maslow