History of Amdur Coaching

A brief (and rather interesting) history – Milestones

“Out of mortal imagination comes a dream of something new, something better, something yet to happen in the future…” – Thomas Cahill, Historian

  • 1997

    The Beginnings

    May ..... Amdur Coaching and Advisory Group is born “out of mortal imagination.”

    Jun ..... First coaching client and first corporate client.

    Sep ..... Eli does his first research on creativity, the creative process, and creative leadership.
    Been at it ever since.

  • 1999

    Jan..... Adds first associate. Amdur Coaching and Advisory Group truly becomes a “group.”

    Sep ..... First public career workshop to SRO audience of 250. Hundreds since.

  • 2000


    Feb..... First career fair. Hundreds since.

  • 2001

    Jan..... First corporate assignment for a Fortune 100 client: Vision and Mission: From the C-suite through the Organization.

    Feb..... First corporate keynote address: The Creative Leader and the Century Ahead.

    Jun..... Adds second associate.

  • 2002

    Dec ..... 1,000th career coaching client.

  • 2003


    Jan ..... Eli begins teaching Executive Communication and Leadership in Fairleigh Dickinson University’s MBA program. Has since taught students from 71 countries (and counting).

    Jun ..... First weekly Career Coach column in The Record and other North Jersey Media papers.

    Jul ..... First reader response ever: “Where were you when I needed you?” (72 year old retiree)

  • 2004

    Jan ..... Eli becomes first career coach to climb Mount Everest. Not really. Just wanted to see if you read this far and if you were paying attention.
    Sep ..... Adds third associate.

    Dec ..... Corporate client base grows to 10 industries.

  • 2005

    Mar ..... First corporate assignment in healthcare industry, now our largest client base.

    Apr ..... Eli delivers his first of many “The World in 2050” talks to The New Jersey Association of Colleges and Employers.

    May ..... Begins two-year Career Path Development project with major pharmaceutical client.

    Oct ..... Begins advisory work for global pharmaceutical client. Still going on.

  • 2006


    Feb ..... Rolls out seven-part Management Workshop Series

    May ..... Becomes LLC.

    Jun ..... Strikes business relationship with services firm in The Netherlands.

    Sep ..... Moves into new office. Still here.

    Sep ..... Begins teaching in MAS program in Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Petrocelli College (Adult and Continuing Ed). More fun than the business school!

    Sep ..... Eli designs, and develops new course called Creativity, Change, and the 21st Century Leader. Been teaching it ever since.

    Oct ..... Begins Team Building and Creative Thinking with major financial services firm.

    Oct ..... Develops Delegation Skills workshop for corporate management retreat for client in the food business.

    Nov ..... Develops executive coaching model for medical center.

    Nov ..... Delivers first workshop to high school seniors.

  • 2007

    Mar ..... Multi-part career workshop series developed for faith-based organization.

    Apr ..... Eli becomes first adjunct professor in FDU history to receive Faculty Member of the Year Award.

    Apr ..... Begins Creativity and Creative Leadership initiative with leading cosmetics firm

    Jul ..... 2,000th career coaching client.

    Oct ..... Delivers Essentials of Supervision and Management course for manufacturing firm.

  • 2008


    Mar ..... Creates “Sands of Time” – an acclaimed cultural, social, and intellectual out-of-classroom enrichment program at FDU. More than 1,000 participants to date.

    Apr ..... Develops leadership retreat: How Global Leadership Impacts Performance for global outsourcing firm.

    Aug ..... Eli addresses national meeting of American Press Institute. Subject: Creative Leadership.

  • 2009

    Jan ..... Eli delivers keynote address at global marketing conference in Tel Aviv, Israel with attendees from all six continents (Antarctica not included; penguins aren’t in marketing).

    Feb ..... Eli delivers keynote address to 450 leaders and managers of major medical center.

    Mar ..... Introduces career workshops for public libraries.

    Jun ..... Initiates ongoing career workshops for charity organizations. Still happening.

    Jun ..... Begins two-year career workshop program for NJ Department of Labor.

    Sep ..... Transitioning to Nonprofit is introduced. Ongoing.

    Dec ..... Builds Outplacement and Coaching Program for energy corporation.

    Dec ..... Number of associates of Amdur Coaching now at five.

  • 2010

    May ..... Writes comprehensive “Manual for Coaching.” Starts program: “Turning Managers into Coaches.”

    May ..... Develops Creative Leadership course for major medical center.

    Oct ..... Eli receives the Castle Stratis Award for a lifetime of dedication, service, and contribution to Fairleigh Dickinson University. In his acceptance speech, Eli took issue with “the lifetime thing,” stating, “Not yet, it’s not.”

    Oct .... Presents “Declare Victory in Advance” workshop for job seekers.

  • 2011


    May .....3,000th career coaching client.

    Jun..... Leadership retreat for technology company.

    Aug ..... Eli publishes first book: It’s Not So Far From Here to There: The thinking person’s guide to a well-managed career. Receives critical acclaim and ultimately goes through four printings.

    Sep .....Eli delivers keynote address to global HR conference: Meeting the Future Before It Gets Here

    Dec ..... Eli’s book goes into second printing.

  • 2012

    Jan ..... Eli delivers keynote address to professional services firm: “The 21st Century Job Market”

  • 2013

    Jan ..... Eli’s book goes into third printing.

    Feb ..... Eli receives The Martin Luther King, Jr. Medal of Honor from Fairleigh Dickinson University, an award given annually to designees who embody the spirit of Dr. King.

    Feb Delivers keynote and speaker program to state government transition team.

    May .....First of critically acclaimed six-part, six-week Commentary Series is published, discussing major global trends and the effects they will have on the workplace.

    Jun ..... Completes first decade of weekly Career Coach column.

    Oct ..... “The World in 2050” selected to become a TEDx talk.

    Nov ..... 4,000th career coaching client.

    Nov ..... Provides outplacement for nonprofit organization.

    Dec ..... Eli’s book goes into fourth and final printing.

  • 2014

    Jul ..... Institutes Goal Setting program for HR services company.

    May ..... Eli presents “The World in 2050” to the Bergen LEADS program.

    Aug ..... Eli presents “Gen Y and Beyond” to Bergen Volunteer Council

    Sep ..... Eli receives the prestigious Presidential Citation from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

  • 2015

    Jan ..... Corporate client base expands to 21 industries.

    Mar ..... Eli has now delivered programs to 15 colleges and universities.

  • 2016


    Jan ..... Delivers first webinar: The One Word Missing from Your Org Chart (that would change your entire organization) Love the subject; need to get used to webinar format ☺

    May ..... 5,000th career /coaching client.

    Sep ..... Celebrates 10 years at current location. HOW TIME FLIES!!!

“Wonderful Possibilities, Inscrutable Depths”

Abraham Maslow