Smart Job Search Strategies

The “Hidden” Job Market

Nine out of every ten jobs filled today are not advertised. Want ads and the major Internet job boards account for only about 10 percent of all available jobs.

Click and Pray?

If you’re relying primarily on the job boards, you’re doing what’s known as “click and pray.” Good luck with that.

What ELSE are you doing to find your next job?

Proactive, comprehensive, self-directed, imaginative

We will guide you to discover not only where you should look for these hidden opportunities, but actually how to create opportunities, as well. You’ll learn how to identify whom to contact in organizations that are not advertising, but hiring anyway.

A whole new way of looking at the job market. A whole new way to set strategies.

We will help you develop new, more, and better ways to search for your next job – and to think about your long term career strategies.

You will get a clear overview of the job market – industries, occupations, and jobs – and use the strategy-setting process to develop a plan that will work for you.

Learn how to market yourself, using all available avenues, identify and maximize your transferable skills to re-position yourself to become a stronger, more competitive candidate in the job market.

What we cover:

  • Defining your goals and objectives
  • Developing a plan
  • The strategy-setting process
  • Identifying your opportunities
  • Using all avenues
  • Marketing yourself
  • Retraining, re-schooling
  • Redefining yourself
  • Transferable, portable skills

No more “click and pray.” Take matters into your own hands.