College Audiences

Independent career coach Eli Amdur has been addressing college audiences from the day he started Amdur Coaching and Advisory Group, LLC in 1997.

He has also coached students and recent grads (five years or less after graduation) from more than 280 universities, college, community colleges, and trades schools – spanning 39 states.

In his widely read Sunday Career Coach column in major newspapers, he has, since 2003, dedicated the first Sunday of each September to a repetition of his theme, :It’s September. What will you be doing in May?” He implores college juniors and seniors not to wait until April to start looking for that summer internship or entry-level job.  “More than 60 percent of all internships or jobs are secured by students who have begun their searches in September,” says Eli. “And another 25 percent or so are nailed down by the beginning of the Spring semester.”That doesn’t leave many of the good jobs for those who are late to the party.

The “It’s September” theme is one of his most popular on the college circuit. Others are:

“The World in 2050 – Are You Ready?” – A startling look at how different the world will be in 2050 – and earlier.

“Jobs of the Future Today” – The future is a lot closer than any of us think, and 25 percent of the jobs in 2025 are ones that do not even exist now. By 2050, that number will likely be more than 50 percent.

“Job Searching: Get off the Job Boards” – The power of professional networking and “low tech” job searching.

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