Career Development Staffs

There are well over 5,500,000 open jobs in America. An “open job” is one that an employer would fill immediately if the candidate with the right skills would just show up.

Of course, many of those jobs are senior-level, but many are also entry-level – just what your graduates are looking for. So why are not enough of your graduates getting the jobs they want?

There has long been an ongoing effort on the part of college career centers and employers to work together so that college graduates more closely meet employers’ stated job qualifications.

Yesterday’s paradigms are today’s prisons.

But with large numbers of graduates spilling into the marketplace without a job commensurate with their degrees, the problem is that with workplace changes occurring more rapidly than at any time in history, whatever we learn today we have to unlearn and relearn tomorrow, yesterday’s paradigms are today’s prisons.

Through a clear lens

Because Eli Amdur works concurrently in both the academic and corporate worlds, he brings a unique and rare – and clear – perspective to working with career development staffs.

As a corporate advisor, he works with executives, hiring managers, and human resources managers. As an adjunct professor and faculty advisory of on-campus organizations, he works closely with undergraduate and graduate students.

Through a clear lens, we can get a better view of the market – and we can do a better job of preparing each graduating class to fill those open jobs.

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